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Heeeeya Toonsters, 

As you're well aware I've been working hard on Prints for the upcoming Cincy Comic Con, and I've got one more t'go, two at the most. 

I'm trying to save any other ideas I've been getting for future Cons. I'd really like to try selling at Tsubasacon or Ohayocon or even Anime World Atlanta to name a few. Ah well, baby steps, Big D. 

I've also been slowly getting back into doing commissions as well, so I apologize again for delays. I'm still taking 'em BTW, my Paypal's been wiped out due to some recent purchases, in particular an automatically renewed antivirus and a ticket to a separate event at the Cincy Con. 

On a similar note, I was recently part of a topic on a Podcast!

Look up Episode 8 POWER UP! of the Standard Nerds podcast on YouTube, there they review the last Con I was at. As it happens, I'm one of the first things they talk about, and have nothing but good things to say. :D It was pretty cool, especially since they were among the guys that commissioned several drawings from me. Hope to work with them again in the future~

Outside of that, I've been pretty exhausted working on things, and I've been a little down again but I'll be okay. Pry just pre-con jitters, lol. Plus I'll be 26 soon. Hard to believe. =w=;; 

The big day's almost here, so wish me luck~! 



$5 for a simple sketch of a character <---Very much promoting this 'cause I'm swamped in comics. 
$20 for a fully rendered character (inks and color)
$15 for three comic pages
$5 for any additional comic page
$30 for a full color single comic/story page

Payment is done through PayPal.
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LittleWindy7 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Which Transformers series do you see if Jack, Raf and Miko were flung into three separate Transformers Multiverse worlds after the Dark Spark crashes onto the space bridge built by Megatron and his army? To me, I can see Jack in TFA; Miko in Beast Wars; and Raf in the Unicron Trilogy.
Goma-Teishoku Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Thanks agaaaain! we should do an art trade some day!
bearchipsandships123 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I've been meaning to ask you this since last year but what do you think of Digimon Fusion American Dub on Nickelodeon. THe only problem that I really have with the dub is the soundtrack it sucks. 
BlueIke Featured By Owner 3 days ago
The soundtrack is very weak and suffers 02's habit of miss-labeling special attacks on occasion, but I'm rather happy with everything else.
bearchipsandships123 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Exactly with me too buddy XD
Sansomon Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
The Ages of the Digital World.

As anyone following the franchise is bald to know the official profile beside all Digimon media medium that has points in common. As the franchise has been consolidating in the sense of being ultimately creating the important characters in the stories. So I think it's time to discuss, share and draw conclusions for Digimon really know where it is.

I'll give a summary of what I know so far about these eras or bows if you prefer.

First arc: Tempest.

Comes to Digimon Adventure to Frontier animations. It is the arc that works the most Holy Beasts and perhaps the longest Digimon. In Novel of Adventure is clear some details, including the fact that the Holy Beasts are the targets of 4 Dark Masters who called the children why they were arrested. From what I understood, the Tempest left the Holy Beasts uncontrolled and therefore two children were chosen, one that had a tamer Dukemon and another who had a MetalGarurumon. I'm not sure about this or uncontrolled chaos it brought to the Digital World, but the Tempest was executed by the 7 Great Demon Lords and made ​​the Holy Beasts lose your domain, it is clear in the profile Huanglongmon the Reference Book.

There is also talk of war between the 10 Legendary Warriors vs Lucemon. From what understood, is very similar to what happened in Frontier. But the profiles of Reference Book of AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon kinda makes clear that the others died in the attempt or helping to seal Lucemon. Why Susanoomon is even considered a Jogress of 2 I believe that besides having weakened the Holy Beasts, Tempest caused severe damage to the network and at that point the profile of the Reference Book makes sense.

At that time, the Royal Knights apparently existed, but not yet collected, the etymology of the Royal Knights is very annoying to understand, Examon has numerous references to Uther Pendragon, father of Arthur and his wings have one of the names of Excalibur, but does not to fit him as Arthur in Digimon Royal Knights have mainly arisen long after the other according to the official profile itself. Well, the Royal Knights in itself is a supreme confusion, for they are based on one thing, but represent another, making sense of the profile Duftmon

Second Arc: Overpopulation Crisis.

Digimon X-Evolution / Chronicle. This is one of the simplest to learn and I think the animation of X-Evolution closes VERY well this arc, that means nothing to the restricted film, everything that's in X-Evolution can be considered a fact to own franchise. Here the Royal Knights had already been consolidated and acted as servants of Yggdrasil. Much more absolute. I think here is not much to say, is more a matter of knowledge.

Third arc: The Fall of Yggdrasil.

Digimon Savers Digimon Next up and maybe Re: Digitize Decode the arc of Rina work with it. As I understand it, is a lot to be regard Next. Next both as in Re: Digitize I noticed a highlight of Barbamon this arc. Assuming that was much like Next, Barbamon managed to get to the core of Yggdrasil and control it, but not freely. About that part I do not know very well, is very unclear to me. Probably a second onslaught of all 7 Demon Lords because of Ogudomon is possibly one Maou eighth, representing all evil, justifying him being the type Avatar, he is an avatar of the seven deadly sins. This point is funny to me, the first 10 or 11 episodes of Savers, before starting the arc Mercurymon rightly speaks of the seven deadly sins, but suddenly the script was changed to Mercurymon and what we know today in my view. The other script played out probably turned the Digimon Savers: Another Mission. So much so that there are similarities between the two, but the script for Another Mission has a very different direction and at the end of the animation the animation shows Yggdrasil and the game 7 GDL. And in the end, apparently, ends with Yggdrasil disappearing.

Fourth Arc: Digital World Iliad.

Only Digimon Crusader and perhaps Collectors here. The quests in the Aegiomon Crusader, from what I read, show the consequences of the disappearance of the Yggdrasil and the Royal Knights also a civil war around the Digital World, Digital World Iliad. The side of the Crusader shows the Olympus Twelve and her struggle against Titamon to Plutomon, this fight could destroy the Digital World and as the side of Jupitermon is weaker, he decided to go after Jupitermon. But it is a civil war, so has many other confrontations, such as the D-Brigade vs BAN-TYO that has been worked on Collectors and 3 Musketeers and the Crack Team are starting to move, especially the Crack Team with the release of Gundramon and the profile of the Collectors Bacchusmon. Apparently, with the disappearance of the Royal Knights and Yggdrasil Olympus Twelve got the responsibility to protect the network, since the Profile of Marsmon makes clear that although more neutral, the Olympus XII protect the same thing that the RKS.

And yes, apparently Xros Wars does not fit into any of that. The profile of Bagramon gives a clue, but does not mention anything of the Iliad or any other place. No Digimon Xros Wars quotes from another group or something, or the Big Death-Stars show relevance at this point. The Manga tries to get close, citing the groups and everything, but still nothing that I know of that fits these arcs.
Sansomon Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Last Royal Knight Revealed:

Hackmon Nível Rookie

Level: Child
Typ: Kleiner Drache
Attribut: Data
Attacken: Fif Slash, Teen RAM, Baby Flame…

Bao Hackmon Nível Champion

Bao Hackmon
Level: Adult
Typ: Dinosaurier
Attribut: Data
Attacken: Fif Cross, Teen Blade, Burn Flame…

Savior Hackmon Nível Ultimate/Perfect

Savior Hackmon
Level: Perfect
Typ: Humanoider Drache
Attribut: Data
Attacken: Registrate, Trident Savior, Meteor Flame…

Jesmon Nível Mega

Level: Ultimate
Typ: Heiliger Krieger
Attribut: Data
Attacken: Iron Sword Punish , Sword Ghost , Over-generic…

In the first paragraph they detail that "Royal Knight" is a title given to the group of 13 Digimon, of type, Holy Knight, and who have absolute power in the Digital World, where they met YGGDRASIL to help manage the Digital World .

However, these Digimon are usually absent from the everyday of the Digital World. For this reason, Gankoomon (One of the Royal Knights) took as his challenge to train Hackmon (A small dragon Digimon) so it became independent. Hackmon was trained by examples and a very heavy workout, where he eventually managed to evolve to complete the team and become the 13th member remaining of Royal Knights, titled Jesmon.

In the second paragraph the text details, although the group of 13 Royal Knights was complete, Alphamon always absent, and therefore the group never met often (Since Alphamon is the leader and the strongest among them). There is a line that I can not understand, but talk about a conflict between Yggdrasill and Alphamon. Presumably, this is because each Royal Knight has his own sense of justice, and tend to do things accordingly, which means that sometimes take extreme decisions.

The third paragraph explains that the Digital World of the Iliad is a Digital World that is hosted on a completely different which is governed by Yggdrasill server, and that in this world of the Iliad there is a tribe of 12 Digimon who call themselves the Olympus Twelve, (Olympus XII), who are ruling this world.

Both worlds living completely isolated without interfering each other. However, one day this server (the World Iliad) is infected by a virus that emerges from the "people" who are "beyond the server", putting at risk both your Digital world as one that is ruled by Yggdrasill.

The moment both groups, and Royal Knights Olympus XII will come face to face, what will this meeting is coming? Will turn into a conflict between two groups or the birth of a new covenant? "

To better explain this passage.

Legend has it that Alphamon was exiled and he was destined to lead the Royal Knights of the Digimon have been born due primordial, Dorumon. (Dorumon is not the Digimon that gave rise to all but the first to be in DW with the characteristics of a Digimon.)

Gankoomon, met with Hackmon, and saw in him the ability to be the 13 ° RK, and lead the all, that he is a leader, more responsible, that the Alphamon.

The Digital World of the Iliad is different from the Digital World of the Royal Knights. In this Digital World the computer Host is called Homerus and who protects the world are the Olympus XII. From what I understand, one virus affected Homerus and Yggdrasil the World which governs and the other which Homerus governs are to collide, that an alliance between the RKS and the OXII born to solve the situation.

From what understood the Jesmon, he has no ability OP as RKS with X-Antibody. He can sense danger before everyone else and so can get anywhere that is going some first threat. He usually does not cooperate much with others. Up by the Royal Knights themselves are usually well Selfish due to the fact everyone has their own faith (Profile Duftmon) And just Duftmon can do all work together. Except Alphamon that   nobody knows where he is or if he is still alive, all seats of Royal Knights, are complete now.

From what I've been reading, I believe:

So there are at least 3 Digital Worlds second discussion on WTW.

The first which God resides, and the rulers are the 3 Great Angels /4 Holy Beasts.

The second Yggdrasil which sends the RKS and has on his command,

The third Homerus which was head and OXII were on his command.

There is still nothing to show how these worlds connect itself. Perhaps by itself Net Ocean. But as we knew from ZeedMillenniumon-Sama, there are numerous Digital Worlds scattered infinite parallel dimensions, and each has a server.

Basically I name as God Server. ENIAC / Atanasoft Server (Adventure), Yggdrasil Server and Homerus Server .

But is that thing. The Iliad is the background of a game. I do not know if giving to take this seriously by all. But it makes sense to me is:

Yggdrasil and Homerus die, RKS / OXII disappear and all the Digital Worlds shall be given by God. Bagramon down, picks up the remnants of Yggdrasil and remade his body ... We XW + Sayuuki.

That's my theory on this part revealed. Even if this information rock a little topic that I made over the ages, it does not break. So that, Homerus and Iliad were not used as a background Profile of a Digimon Reference Book, as in the case of having reference Yggdrasil Profile of Craniummon. So the solution is expected that part of the Crusader is complete and see what Bandai will canonize the Profile of the Reference Book (If I'm not mistaken, Junomon, Ceresmon, Bacchusmon and Plutomon not have RB profile.)

Source: Digimon Generation
Hewylewis Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Thanks for the fave! :D
SeriesArtiststarter Featured By Owner 3 days ago
BanchoGolemon!? Are they serious? Hmmm.....looks kind of alright, at least now The Royal Knights are complete alongside The Bancho's with Jesmon and BanchoGolemon; an interesting bunch if anything considering one of them looks like a Weapon Digimon while the other feels more like a really different Digital Monster altogether that strays a mighty distance from it's predecessor.
redliger Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav
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